Birthday Party Mayhem

31 Jan

Letterbalm Bad GirlDear LetterBalm: My ordinarily well-behaved seven-year-old daughter suddenly began acting out at her classmate’s birthday party. Within five minutes, she ran amok, pushed and shoved other little guests, talked back and attacked the pile of gifts, tearing wrapping paper and throwing gifts around. The birthday boy’s mother behaved admirably under the circumstances, keeping her head and patience. I managed to scoop up my daughter (who, by that time, was heading for the cake), make apologies and hustle her home. I’d like to write a letter of apology to the mom – I don’t know her well – to make amends. What should I say?

–Mortified Mommy

Ms. L.B. bows to beleaguered moms everywhere. Send a hand-written note thusly:

Dear Clarice:

When Libby took it upon herself to supply the entertainment for Charlie’s birthday party, you and Charlie took it in the greatest stride. I’m grateful for your understanding, and I do apologize for the undoing of what had been a delightful day. Libby’s meltdown was out of character for her. She and I hope to make up for her adventure by hosting you and Charlie for a well-behaved lunch and play date – Charlie’s choice of activity. I’ll call you soon to discuss details (and to request a little commiseration).



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