Turkey Day Rant

22 Nov

Letterbalm Angry Old Man

Dear LetterBalm: It’s Thanksgiving time and my grandfather is gearing up for another tirade about the government, gays, abortion, minorities, promiscuous women, taxes and all the other Godless ills he thinks are taking America down the drain. My grandmother says it’s only once a year and we should just let him vent because he’s old and he won’t change and it would ruin the day. Maybe, but our whole family is tired of his behavior, yet nobody wants to stand up to him. We grandkids can’t because we don’t have clout. Any advice as to what we can say to him?

–Not Thankful

Today being the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it might be a good idea to remember that forbearance was the hallmark of our nation’s founding – and, that politics was once a more noble profession than it is now. Your granddad is exercising his right as an American to give vent to his views. That he does it obnoxiously over a delicious turkey dinner in front of the gathered clan, thus marring a national holiday, is unfortunate. Ms. L.B. suggests you and your cousins think about some questions ahead of time to keep him engaged. (The tactic might not be entirely successful, but it might slow him down.) Here are a few:

  • What was it like at school for you, grandpa?
  • What was your favorite subject? Why?
  • You’ve always liked football. How was it played differently in your day?
  • Talk to us about NASCAR – you love it, you know you do.
  • Where are you and Grandma traveling this winter?
  • What do you think about … [anything but politics and social mores]?



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