Mistletoe Madness

20 Dec

Letterbalm MistletoeDear LetterBalm: Well, I got a little drunk at our office party a few days ago and ended up flirting shamelessly with a recently engaged colleague, who got me under the mistletoe. We kissed, but not a friendly peck, a real romantic kiss. And, no, I’m not imaging it. What I am thinking about now is my colleague – all the time. He continues to flirt with me. I feel uncomfortable discussing work with him and participating in meetings. Part of me says he’s getting married in the summer so hands off. The other part of me says he’s interested in me and I should go for it and see what happens.

–Mooning Over Mistletoe  

Oh, good Lord. If people would just not “go for it and see what happens” the world would be a much calmer place. And, Ms. L.B. won’t even get into what she thinks of your brand of office party. Are you independently wealthy? Can you afford to create havoc in your workplace? You’re treading on dangerous ground, girl, and you must stop this instant. Think about it: If your colleague really preferred you to his fiancée, he’s had plenty of opportunities to make a serious, responsible move on you. As it is, he views the mistletoe smooch as a momentary thing and flirting with you as an ongoing pleasant diversion. (If he’s truly given to infidelity, his future wife will have to deal with that.) It’s advisable that you say nothing to him. But if you think it will make you feel better, take your colleague aside where you can’t be overheard and say this:

Joel, about that mistletoe kiss at the office party, I just want you to know that it was inappropriate for both of us. I had had too much to drink and, well, I apologize. It should never have happened. You’re my colleague, and engaged to boot, and I want to continue our good working relationship. I think that’s all we need to say.


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