Stuffed Pepper

9 Jul

Letterbalm Guy Stuffing His FaceDear LetterBalm: My husband is a selfish pig. I’m a good cook, and he likes my cooking. So far, so good. Well, he seems to think that any food in the house, even dishes we both like, is fair game. Whenever he wants, he goes to the fridge or the cupboard and eats what’s there, generally finishing it. There’s nothing left for me. Once he ate a platter of sandwiches I had made for my nephew’s birthday party, and another time he demolished an entire ham and container of scalloped potatoes. He’s even attacked a whole turkey. I’m hoarse from trying to tell him how inconsiderate he is. He’s getting fatter by the day, too. Any help here?

–Fed Up, Not

Is there a psychological reason why your husband feels the need to stuff his face with your cooking? Did he grow up in poverty? Did his parents withhold food as punishment? You can always buy a second refrigerator and put a locked chain around it. You can invest in a steady stream of frozen dinners, or make enough for only one sitting, which puts a big burden on you. You might prepare dishes he hates. (Are there any dishes he hates?) You can order food delivered for each meal – an expensive proposition. Or, you can go on strike and refuse to cook and shop for groceries. Ms. L.B. doesn’t hold out much hope. Your husband is in the grip of a complicated addiction, and he won’t appreciate advice on diet and nutrition or being called on the carpet for his selfish actions. If this is a recent development, you might signal his doctor and get him there for a full check-up; it’s possible a nutritional deficiency is driving his behavior. You could try reverse psychology:

Albert, I know you like my cooking, and that makes me feel proud. But we’ve been arguing when you go to the refrigerator and gorge yourself until nothing is left. You must admit, it’s unusual behavior – most people don’t do this. I’m more concerned that there might be some health issues involved, and you know I’d go crazy if anything bad was going on with you. I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Bouffe for you to get a check-up, and I insist on taking you. I wouldn’t forgive myself if we neglected something until it got serious.


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