Moody Girl

14 Apr

Dear LetterBalm: I was pretty polite and chill until I got into high school. But since then, I’ve been angry and mean and mouthing off to my parents and teachers. I get into verbal fights with my girlfriends and we don’t speak for days. I don’t care when my mom yells at me or my friends tell me they can’t hang out because I have such a bad attitude. I try to stop but I snap and get mad in a second, and I have no patience for anything. I can’t concentrate. It feels like the person I was is getting lost and sometimes it scares me. 

–Seeing Red

Ms. L.B. wants you to remember that teenagers often get moody and angry, so you’re in good company. You’re stretching boundaries, testing the limits of adult domination and dealing with raging hormones. No wonder you feel overwhelmed and out of control. But it sounds like things are going too far. Ask your parents to schedule a full examination with your doctor. You could be depressed or have a physical ailment, a chemical imbalance or an allergy prompting your moods. Insist on a full workup and a referral to a counselor to talk things over. Remember that your parents love you and are as concerned as you are. If you can’t get through to them, approach your guidance counselor at school or a trusted relative to advocate for you. First, though, have a serious talk with your folks thusly:

Mom and Dad, I’m so worried and I need your help. Since I got into high school, I’ve been moody and mad and fighting with everybody. This isn’t me, it’s somebody else. Sometimes I get so out of control and impatient, it scares me. Please, take me to see Dr. Jones for a full exam. I think I probably should get tested for chemical and food allergies, too, and a referral to a counselor to talk about my mood swings and rage. I’m so sorry I’ve been acting so immaturely, but sometimes I can’t help it. Can you help me right away?


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